My review here will save you hours of time. You could say I’ve been a helicopter Dad for my son when looking for that special driving instructor. The research I did was carried out with military precision. I dug-deep before approaching AutoEazy…Instructor Gill is actually on a Government Approved Driving Instructors list. But here’s the icing on the cake; I came across several clients of AutoEasy who had difficult & unpleasant experiences with their previous instructors, so when they matched up with Gill instead; they regained their confidence & passed their Theory & Driving tests. I was initially impressed with what I discovered…Now here’s the thing; Some people are very good at what they do, BUT others just have that ingredient you can’t teach, you either have it, or not. Gill at AutoEasy is kind, empathetic, patient & is a genuine-outstanding-Driving-Instructor. Seriously, congratulations on finding her! Don’t bother with anyone else (My son passed last week! All thanks to Gill)